Travessa Stodieck, Florianópolis’ Fashion District

Travessa Stodieck

São Paulo has Oscar Freire, and Rio de Janeiro, Visconde de Pirajá. Florianópolis has Travessa Stodieck.


In just one block in downtown Florianópolis, between Rua Rafael Bandeira and Rua Altamiro Guimarães, the Travessa Stodieck has become a fashion shopping district that concentrates an excellent group of women’s clothing and accessories shops, attracting clients from all around the city, besides, of course, the tourist crowd in their shopping days.

Located right next to the Beiramar Shopping mall, Stodieck’s boutiques are almost the mall’s annex, and mandatory stop for the more sophisticated consumers.

Fashion Shops

For those who walk in to Stodieck alley, after crossing the street upon exiting the mall, right at the corner of Rua Altamiro Guimarães with Travessa Stodieck there’s Antônio Maraski, (48) 3333-8480, which sells exclusively party clothes.

Entering Stodieck proper, the next store is Doris K(48) 3333-8562, which for over 18 years has been selling women’s clothing and accessories , including bags and belts, with a focus on the casual look.

Le Saint, (48) 99148-2994, another women’s clothing store, is the newest door to open on the street, and its mural with huge angel’s wings and aureola has become a mandatory stop for selfies and other tourist pictures.

Calcanhar de Aquiles(48) 3223-5543, offers several brands of women’s clothing.

At the end of Travessa Stodieck — or its beginning, for those who come by car and enter the alley through Rua Rafael Bandeira —, Cravo & Canela, (48) 3028-5710, sells lingerie, and attualità, (48) 3039-4009, jewelry and accessories.

Dress Rentals and Other Services

Those who prefer to rent a dress for a party in Florianópolis can count on AIA, (48) 3209-2500, which only rents party gowns, both short or long, or Lelili Festa, (48) 3333-0343, which rents or sells dresses and accessories.

But the Stodieck alley is not only about fashion. Decor store AnaRô, (48) 3039-0998, besides furniture and objects, also offer couch repair services. YogaShala, (48) 3222-5534, is a space for the practice of yoga, meditation, dance and other therapies. As for Cã, (48) 3025-2203, it offers pet owners services such as dog wash, grooming, or visits to the vet.

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